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Algaran Ultrasound Extraction System

Algaran Ultrasound Extraction System

Algaran Cold extraction technology.

Ultrasound is well known to obtain the best performances on different applications, from the medical diagnostics devices, to various processes in the cosmetic and food industry.

Using ultrasound, some food processes can be completed in minutes with high reproducibility, reducing the cost, simplifying manipulation, giving higher purity of the final product, eliminating the use of chemicals to break down the strongest cell structures (like seaweed) and consuming only a fraction of the time and energy normally needed for conventional processes.

For many years, extracting, cutting, drying, tempering, bleaching, and sterilizing have been applied efficiently in the food industry.

The advantages of using ultrasound includes more effective emulsifying and homogenizing, reduced temperature (below 36 degrees C.), selective extraction (without adding chemicals), reduced equipment size, increased production, and elimination of process steps. Food processes performed under the action of ultrasound are believed to be affected in part by cavitation phenomena and mass transfer enhancement.

Obviously, the ultrasonic transducers can be adjusted in different ways, depending on the type of product to be treated and the wished results.

The most crucial setting involves Power, Wavelength and Frequency. If these three parameters are not adjusted properly for the purpose, the processed material/food can burn, compounds can get damaged and taste can be compromised.

On the contrary, if the settings are right, ultrasound technology can preserve all the nutrients, including polyphenols, antioxidants and the volatile compounds (natural flavours).

Also, pasteurization times are faster, and, in some cases, heat is not even needed to preserve the final products, especially liquids.

As extracting media, we can use any type of liquids, from water to oil, even to alcohol with no danger of explosion.

Our Ultrasound device has special features and settings, to obtain the best extracts from seaweed, which cells structure is notoriously one of the strongest in nature.
In effect, the environment where seaweed grows and live, is one of the most challenging on the planet: salinity, currents, storms and coexistence with other creatures, would tear them apart, obstacle the growth and exhaust their complex content made of more than sixty minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, amino acids and other specific active principles. To defend themselves, seaweeds have developed in millions of years, a strong cells structure, that can be broken only with chemicals (like Potassium hydroxide or Sodium hydroxide) and high temperature processes (around 240 degrees Celsius for 24 to 48 hours) or Ultrasound.

Processes used to perform extractions with terrestrial herbs, like infusion or pressing, do not work with seaweed. Our Ultrasound system can burst the cells without damaging the compounds, that are transferred into the liquid medium after a sonication lasting five to ten minutes only.

Efficient, healthy and fast process, fruit of years of trials and tests, which is able to add value to all our seaweed products.