Dried Seaweed Suppliers

Dried seaweed suppliers in Ireland are only small companies, often family owned.

Wild seaweed is only accessible a few hours a day and only if the weather conditions and the tides make it possible.

The seaweed drying process in Ireland is very energy consuming, compared to other Countries where wind and sunshine can complete the dehydration process quickly and cheaply.

However, the seaweed growing on the west coast of Ireland are among the cleanest in the world. To enhance their quality, Algaran has developed a special technology to naturally decontaminate the seaweed and dry it in a few hours at low temperatures.

Seaweed farming in Ireland is quite limited because there are not many sheltered areas to make it feasible. Also, only a few species are growing successfully, although with the aid of some chemicals.

Seaweed Suppliers in Ireland are often struggling to get enough quantities, as most of edible seaweeds are seasonal and grow in patches.