Algaran Organic Seaweed Shower Gel



Organic Shower Gel is deterging the skin deeply & gently.

Organic Seaweed Skincare for all skin types.

With extracts of red and brown seaweed (Kelp) and Organic Essential Oils: Lavender, Ylang ylang and Rose geranium.  Gives a refreshing sensation and leaves the skin slightly scented.

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Instruction for use:

Squeeze a small amount of Organic Seaweed Shower Gel on the palm of your hands or a sponge. Lather and then rinse thoroughly. Being highly moisturizing, it never dries the skin.

Algaran Skincare Products:

is a line of Seaweed beauty products: Seaweed Soap, Seaweed Hair Shampoo, Seaweed Body Lotion, Seaweed Cream, made of Aran seaweed and Wild Herbs!

Additional information

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1 jar, 4 jars, Refill 500ml