Organic Irish Seaweed Dulse (Palmaria palmata) Fadó Fadó flakes 40g


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Fadó Fadó (Seaweed Dulse fine flakes) is rich in minerals, vitamins, and trace elements. Dulse also contains a fibre called Xylan, which is of great help for the digestive system.

Ready to sprinkle on all types of food recipes, to enhance the flavour and add healthy nutrients to your diet.

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Organic Seaweed Dulse flakes (Fadó Fadó)
Latin name: Palmaria palmata

Harvesting season: Autumn to Early Summer.

Ready to sprinkle, Fadó fadó is very easy to use and adds flavour to all types of savoury foods!

The name Fadó fadó is an Irish way of saying and means “A long time ago”.

I thought this was a good name for this seaweed, which Irish people still connect with their memory of childhood days and their ancestors’ tradition for generations.

Packaging: 40g Dispenser

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