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Kombu Seaweed

Kombu seaweed is one of the most abundant Irish Kelp species.

Its Latin name is Laminaria digitata, while the name Kombu is what it is called in Japan.

Kombu seaweed is commonly used in Japan to add flavour to all preparation, as it naturally contains a flavour enhancer called umami. Algaran is producing an Irish Umami food ingredient, which is a combination of seawater and kelp seaweed juice.

Edible seaweed has been commonly consumed in Ireland for centuries. Its nutritional value helped the Irish people to survive the Great Famine of 1845, when no other food was available for the poorest Irish people. Edible seaweed in Ireland were picked fresh from the shore. Now you can buy seaweed online, especially organic seaweed and organic seaweed products.

Irish seaweed suppliers are taking over the European market, as the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland is the cleanest in the world.
Algaran is the most appreciated seaweed supplier as Irish seaweed company. Irish wholesale seaweed sellers are stocking the best quality certified organic sea vegetables.
The Asian dried seaweed suppliers are still leading the world market with cheaper prices and bigger quantities, but seaweed export from Ireland is growing steadily to conquest the world as niche speciality.

Seaweed cosmetics companies produce a seaweed skincare range.

Algaran produces an effective line of Seaweed beauty products. Seaweed Oil (extracted from fresh seaweed) is beneficial to moisturize and heal the skin. Adding seaweed to the hot water iis quite common in SPA resorts, but you can buy seaweed online (Kelp seaweed or Fucus serratus) and make your own home seaweed bath.