Sweet Kombu Nutritional Info

Typical Analysis Of Sweet Kombu Seaweed – Saccharina Latissima

The alginate present in all Laminaria species help the digestive tract functions

The iodine content make it a great ingredient for helping a slimming diet

The taste of this seaweed is very acceptable, being exempt of any fishy flavour

When cooked with legumes (beans, peas, etc.) it will neutralise the formation of unwished fermentation in the digestive system

When cooked in sauces or soups it will be very difficult to distinguish this seaweed from any other green vegetable.

  • Protein: 6-11%
  • Fat: 0.5%
  • Carbohydrates: 61%
  • Vitamin C: 13-18 ppm
  • Calcium: 8,910-9,282 ppm
  • Iodine: 800-4500 ppm
  • Iron: 22-40 ppm
  • Magnesium: 5,670-6,944 ppm
  • Manganese: 1-16 ppm
  • Sodium: 3-3.4%