Organic Seaweed Products

Seaweed Cosmetics are a range of preparations formulated to correct or improve the skin conditions.

The meaning is slightly different from Seaweed Skincare, which means products to maintain the health of the skin.

Algaran Cosmetics are more to be considered as Skincare, as they are more made for taking care of the skin, rather than cover imperfections, lines, or spots.

When we apply more chemical formulation, the result might be immediately visible, as some chemicals can obtain instant impressive results, however, the side effects may be unpredictable and sometimes upsetting, like unwished swelling or redness.

For these cases, Algaran has a remedy called Seaweed Skin Rescue, 100% Natural and Organic, that can be used also on damaged skin or to alleviate or prevent skin conditions.

Algaran Organic Seaweed Skin Rescue has an instant calming effect, but it takes a few applications to solve problems cause by chemicals reactions.

Taking care of our skin is not only a way to keep a younger look, but also the best way to keep our body healthy, as the skin is one of our most important organs and needs to work well, being clean, hydrated and healthy.

Seaweed cosmetics are quite common and can be sold for a cheap price in supermarkets, however, there are no regulations so far to declare the amount of seaweed used in the formulation or what type of extract has been added.

Just guess the approx. cost of the packaging, take off the tax (VAT), consider a 20% profit for the manufacturer and another 30% for the reseller, then take the difference off the actual shelf price. If the remaining cost is a few cents, then you might understand what the real value of the product is.

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