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Big SPA Organic Seaweed Skincare Hamper

Big SPA Organic Seaweed Skincare Hamper


This Amazing Hamper contains the best-selling Seaweed Skincare Products from Algaran!



Algaran Organic big Skincare hamper

Seaweed SPA Skincare Hamper contains the following Organic Seaweed Products:

  • Bath Salts: One packet (250g) of pure Oceanic Salt, Seaweed extract, Sea Spirulina and a blend of pure essential oils. Also for men.
  • Seaweed Bath sponge in Hemp Fabric: One (200 g) Fucus Serratus Seaweed sponge for a relaxing and healthy bath. Each sponge can be used up to 5 times.
  • Body Lotion: One bottle (200 ml) of highly hydrating, rejuvenating, and firming Organic body lotion with seaweed extract. Also for men.
  • Shower Gel: One bottle (200 ml) of Organic shower gel with Algaran brown Seaweed extract and organic essential oils: Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium. For men and women.
  • Beauty Drops: One bottle (30ml) of pure extract from freshly harvested seaweed. Highly concentrated Skin Beauty Treatment suitable also for extremely sensitive skin.
  • Day Cream: One jar (50 ml) of Organic face cream with seaweed extract. Soft texture, pleasant at the touch on the skin. Highly hydrating formula. The added essential oils are Rose and Mimosa. Also for Men.
  • Massage Oil: One bottle (200ml) contains 100% Organic oil blend specially formulated to relax your body and mind. With Lavender essential oil. For men and women.
  • Foot Oil: One bottle (200ml) contains 100% Organic oil Blend specially formulated to treat feet with a sweating problem, or simply tired feet. For men and women.
  • 2 Chakra Soaps: Each soap (80g) is a special 100% Organic Seaweed Soft soap , full of organic vegetal oils, Seaweed powder and pure organic essential oils. Use it with the net on.

All Algaran Home Spa Skincare hamper products contains Algaran Seaweed extract.

More about Algaran Seaweed Organic extract:

Algaran Seaweed extracts are obtained through a high-tech ultrasound system so it is preserving all nutrients intact and bio-available for the skin. You can see the positive effect from the very first application.

The advantage of using ultrasound includes more effective emulsifying, homogenizing and selective extraction (without adding chemicals)

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 8 cm

1 Box, 4 x Box