Organic Seaweed Products

Seaweed Soap recipes made by Algaran are including the use of fresh seaweed extracts by-product.

We first blend the fresh seaweed with oils, then we put the mix in a probe, where sound waves are introduced at a certain frequency and length, keeping stirring the mix for a few minutes.

In this way, the seaweed cells burst and release their precious compounds. After filtration, the oil will be used as ingredient for different kind of Algaran products, while the residual solids are added to more oils before the saponification process.

The use of seaweed for making soaps was one of the most ancient and traditional recipes, especially for making the famous Marseille Soap, made of Seaweed ashes and oils.

Obviously, seaweed ashes would have replaced the use of Caustic Soda or Potash, but would also contain inorganic heavy metals, like Arsenic, and all the nutrients would be burnt and neutralized.

We in Algaran believe that the best way to use seaweed in skincare and cosmetic products is to make ultrasound assisted crude extracts, to preserve all the precious ingredients provided by nature.

Algaran Seaweed Soaps are extremely popular, especially the ones in the net (Chakra Soaps) which makes them unique and practical to use. Algaran Seaweed Soaps are softer than a normal soap bar and they never dry the skin.

The net has the function to help scrubbing and exfoliating the skin, while a small loop on the edge of the net allows the storage by hanging it on a hook, to avoid messing up the sink.

Organic Seaweed Chakra Soaps