Algaran Organic Seaweed Shampoo Eucalyptus Energizing



Algaran Organic Hair Shampoo is composed of Natural and Organic Ingredients which help preserving the hair natural moisture, above all in case it has been previously treated with chemicals (colouring, etc.).

200ml (Refillable airless bottle) – 500ml.

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The regular use of Algaran Organic Seaweed Hair Shampoos may help solving or at least preventing other type of hair and scalp problems, like dandruff.
Remember that SLS or other chemical detergents normally used in non-organic certified shampoos and soaps, can create serious problems of dehydration which may evolve in skin conditions, and worse.

Algaran organic Seaweed Hair Shampoo With Eucalyptus Essential Oil, is Energizing.

200ml (Refillable airless bottle) – 500ml.


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200ml Airless Bottle, 4×200 Airless Bottle, Refill 500ml