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Organic Seaweed Day Face Cream – Hydrating 50ml

Organic Seaweed Day Face Cream – Hydrating 50ml


For Women & Men

Soft texture, pleasant at the touch and on the skin. Highly hydrating formula.

The added essential oils are Rose and Mimosa.

Natural Seaweed Skincare for all skin types, Women & Men



Organic Day Face Cream

Contains extract of red seaweed Asparagopsis Armata, with proven anti-aging effect.

More Info:

Organic Day face cream main ingredients is:

  • Distilled, floral, or demineralized water
  • Organic oils and vegan waxes previously melted at mild temperature.
  • Pure Organic Essential Oils
  • Organic admitted mild preservative


We emulsify all the ingredients to obtain a white consistent suspension. The yellowish color of the oils reacts at the mixing speed and turns into a white light color cream.

We add the seaweed extract just before emulsifying the ingredients to avoid temperatures above 30 Degrees Celsius.

The product appearance:

The texture is light at the touch and melts in the skin at your gentle massage.

The product performance:

The high-performance cosmetic preparation starts being evident after a few hours from the application when the skin has absorbed the cream totally and is now dried and amazingly soft.

Different types of Organic Day Face Cream made by Algaran:

  • Moisturizing Seaweed Organic Day Face Cream suitable for cold weather days as well as on hot days when sweat might modify the surface of the skin lowering the pH to a corrosive acidic limit.
  • Nourishing Seaweed Night Face Cream, slightly lighter at the touch and easily absorbed by the skin,  allows transpiration throughout the night.  The application of Seaweed Night Cream is not needed more than twice a week in the summertime.
  • Moisturizing Seaweed Hand Cream, suitable for all types of skin, can help rehydrate the most damaged skin.

Instruction for use:

Transfer a small amount of cream to your finger, apply it on the face when the skin is still warm and soft after washing. Rub it in gently until totally absorbed.

Algaran Skincare Products:

Algaran produces an effective line of unique and effective Seaweed beauty products.

Packaging: 50ml Miron Glass Jar.



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