Algaran Seaveg Organic Irish Carragheen Moss


Irish moss seaweed, also known on the west coast of Ireland simply as Carragheen, has been traditionally used in Ireland to set jellies and puddings, can be used as thickening agent for soups and sauces.

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Organic SeaVeg Carragheen Moss
Latin name: Chondrus crispus


Traditionally used to set jellies and puddings, can be used as thickening agent also for soups and sauces.

It can also be eaten as it is, rinsed, chopped and added to salads.

This is what Dr. Prannie Rathigan writes on her book “The Irish Seaweed Kitchen” about Carragheen:
“Carragheen is used in cough mixtures around the world from Canada to New Zealand. Medicinally it has anti-viral and expectorant (phlegm loosening) properties for clearing chest infections and easing coughs. Acidic ingredients such as lemon are best added at the end of, not during, the cooking process. Nice balance of minerals, vitamins and trace elements and is particularly high in magnesium.”

Page 12, The Irish Seaweed Kitchen.

You can purchase Dr. Prannie’s book at
Dr. Prannie Rathigan is a graduated Medical Doctor and is a qualified General Practitioner

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