Seaweed Beauty Products

Seaweed beauty products are more and more commonly used by the public and major cosmetics companies are also including seaweed extracts in their formulations.

We have all noted that swimming in the sea, especially if seaweed is floating around us, leaves the skin soft and hydrated, while fresh water seems to do the opposite. Well, this effect was noted even by the ancient Romans and Greeks, who used mulched seaweed to cure the skin.

Seaweed extracts, used in seaweed beauty products, can be obtained using different media: water, oil, or glycerine. In AlgAran Cosmetics we use all these types, depending on the type of performance desired and compatibility with other ingredients.

When a cosmetic product contains water and water-based extract, chemical preservatives are needed. There are a few types of chemical preservatives admitted by the organic regulators and AlgAran conforms strictly to the recommendation of the Certification Body Organic Trust Ltd.

The ideal organic seaweed skincare products would obviously be chemical-free, and when we can we certainly find alternative solutions.

Recently, we discovered that one specific seaweed extract made from the red seaweed Asparagopsis armata, can behave also like a natural preservative.

This is a nice research project for the next future, which we hope to carry out very soon.

The Asparagopsis armata extract is also added to the cosmetics for its other amazing properties. One of the most important effect is to regenerate the skin cells, calm inflammatory conditions and act as a sun screen, thanks to its content of a specific organic silicon.