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Seaweed Distribution / Export

Seaweed distribution in Europe is not made by Companies exclusively dealing with seaweed, however, most of the Organic and Natural Products wholesalers include seaweed and seaweed products within their range, as food or supplement.

The most important seaweed exporting Countries are China, Japan, and other Asian Countries, where there is an extensive centuries old culture about it.

Although Ireland has also an old tradition to consume some seaweed like Carragheen or Dulse, the industry is still limited.

Algaran is a small reality, and we would rather sell directly to customers than set up a worldwide distribution as harvesting bulk quantities on our shores is not sustainable for our ocean.

There is an increasing demand for Irish Seaweed in the world, so we hope to increase the number of our harvesters soon and improve our drying capacity to be able to fulfil the demand at our best. However, there will always be seasons to respect and natural elements interference to consider, so we can never promise any quantity per year except for some species like Laminaria digitata or Fucus family.

Seaweed distribution in the world is still mostly dominated by Asian farmed seaweed and in Ireland the ocean waters are quite too aggressive to develop the seaweed farming industry. Also, farmed seaweed is not Certifiable as Organic, so it might not be the way to go for now.