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Seaweed Juice

Seaweed Juice requires a complicated extraction process, as seaweeds are extraordinarily strong plants and common systems used for herbs and botanicals, like maceration, infusion, or distillation, do not work.

This is quite simple to understand, if we think that the seaweed plants live in a particularly challenging environment, they need to survive to storms, currents, tides, and direct sun exposure.

All different species of seaweed are adapted to their environment, including specific depth and type of seabed.

Some seaweeds are never affected by tides, they grow in deep sea and rarely get bleached by the sun rays. These types contain high amounts of Iodine and minerals.

Some seaweed (mainly the red types) are often out of water, they get dry and bleach at the sunshine, therefore survive just because they adapted to their environment. They contain more antioxidant compounds, have antiviral properties and their agar protects them in draught conditions.

Other seaweeds must survive shellfish attacks, so they produce more nitrogen which makes their taste unpleasant for fish. This “defence weapon” makes their taste more peppery and spicier. A real delicacy as food ingredient.

The Seaweed juice that AlgAran produces through its Ultrasound technology, using a specific power, wave length and frequency, is able to burst the seaweed cells and free most of the nutrients, which are protected by the extremely strong structure provided by nature.

The AlgAran system is not yet able to obtain a big volume of juice / extract, while other system can reach high yields. The important advantage is that Ultrasound doesn’t need high temperatures nor the addition of harsh chemicals, which obviously makes all the difference in quality, taste and value.