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Seaweed Skincare

Seaweed skincare literally means a range of natural cosmetic preparations (creams, balms, detergents etc.) that take care of your skin, without side effects or any slightest damage.

Algaran Organic Seaweed for skin and seaweed skincare might not instantly cover skin imperfections, lines, or spots, as chemical cosmetics do, but can prevent conditions, replenish the lack of vitamins and minerals, and keep the natural elasticity of the skin.

Taking care of your skin is a daily routine not an emergency remedy. This is the message that AlgAran wish to take to the world, while promoting genuinely excellent preparations that make miracles by applying them constantly on a daily base.

In the same way that you eat good and natural food to nourish your body, so you should use an organic seaweed skincare to maintain your skin in good form.

Seaweed for skin is like a magic touch and everyone can experience that by using our products.

The skin problems should rather be prevented than cured, and here comes the range of Organic Seaweed Skincare manufactured by AlgAran from the Ocean to your skin.

The AlgAran Organic Seaweed Skincare range contains between 95 to 100% organic ingredients.

One of Algaran’s bestselling 100% organic products is our Seaweed Skin Rescue Balm, which is suitable for daily care as well as for repairs and regeneration of the cells in case of skin disorders or damage.

One of the most recent skincare preparations formulated by AlgAran is an Antiaging Serum, in drops, which is a concentrated pure extract of fresh seaweed Kelp Laminaria digitata in precious organic oils (Jojoba and Sunflower). A few drops applied on the clean skin of the face (including the eye contour) have the power to make your skin moisturized and therefore younger looking.