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Wholesale Seaweed

Selling Wholesale seaweed is not one of the best business solutions for Small Irish Seaweed Companies, at least for some species of seaweed which are seasonal and not very abundant.

As it happens, most of the seaweed demand is for the rarest species, like Dulse (Palmaria palmata) and Carragheen (Chondrus crispus) which do not grow in other Oceans rather than the Atlantic.

All the attempts to farm Dulse in Europe has not been remarkably successful so far, so we must stick with lower quantities that can never reach a wholesale business.

Carragheen, which is normally used as jellifying agent, needs a natural blanching process that only natural sun light can do; therefore, it requires much more work to make it ready for the market. The industrial version of the sun-blanching effect is alkaline extraction which is too chemical to be considered by Algaran.

The only Algaran wholesale seaweed is concerning the most common species of local seaweed, like Laminaria digitata (Kombu / Kelp) all year around, and Sea Spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) from May to September.

These two species we can also provide freshly frozen for the food transformation industry. Contact us to know more about our frozen seaweed.

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