Irish Moss

Irish Moss seaweed (carragheen), is one of the most popular seaweed around the world.

It has been traditionally used for centuries in Ireland as cold and cough remedy, therefore is also often included as key ingredient in natural cough syrups.

Traditionally, Irish Moss seaweed, which Latin name is Chondrus crispus, or a mix of Chondrus crispus and Mastocarpus stellatus, used to be spread on the grass, where it would bleach when exposed to rain and sunshine. After a few days, Irish Moss seaweed would be ready to be dried and stored in the kitchen press.

Every Irish family, especially the ones living along the Western Coast, would always have some dried Carragheen stored for the winter months, when cold and flu were more likely to affect people and there was no cure ready available for everyone.

Every evening, Irish mothers used to boil some Carragheen seaweed in water until the gel was forming. The seaweed would then be discarded, and the gel obtained would be mixed with milk and sugar. This preparation was known as Irish Moss and used to be consumed before going to bed.

Edible seaweed in Ireland were picked fresh from the shore. Now you can buy seaweed online, especially organic seaweed and organic seaweed products.

In other parts of the world, Carragheen gel (carrageenan) is obtained by different species of seaweed (like Eucheuma spp.), which are often heavily polluted. Also, the industrial thickening agent called carrageenan is obtain from seaweed through a chemical process which has proven to be carcinogenic.

Algaran Organic Irish Moss seaweed is safe, unpolluted, and obtained with a 100% natural process.

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