Irish Seaweed Company

Algaran has been the first Irish Seaweed Company to be Certified Organic.

We are strictly processing only seaweed hand-harvested on the cleanest local Donegal shores. Seaweed is rinsed first with seawater to drop the eventual little crustaceans trapped between the leaves. At the factory, we proceed then with the Ultrasound assisted cleaning system, before going through the drying phase.

Our exclusive washing system is especially studied to drop the possible pollutant compounds.

Algaran seaweeds are mostly harvested along Mucross Head, where we applied for a Harvesting Licence.

Because of our commitment to deal only with local crops, we may often run out of stock and tend to store only the freshest seaweed.

Algaran seaweed are mainly sold online, to guarantee to freshness to customers.

There are very few Seaweed sellers which are dealing exclusively with their local seaweed. Some of the Irish Seaweed Companies are even purchasing seaweed overseas just to keep up with demand, but we are not of that advise as right now the west coast of Ireland is among the cleanest in the world.