Irish Seaweed Suppliers

Algaran is the first seaweed supplier able to excel also in seaweed formulations or recipes.

Irish Seaweed suppliers which are genuinely dealing just with local crops are not many.

Getting back-supplies from Asia, America or other European Countries is often contemplated by business expert when they help small industries to thrive. So, some Irish Seaweed Suppliers outsource seaweed abroad but we at Algaran do not agree with this behaviour.

Our policy is to get the “catch of the day” and sell it as fresh as possible directly to online customers.

This is allowing us to be known as a reliable seaweed supplier, rather than the supplier who fulfils the market demand all the time and at any cost.

We are supplying only wild hand harvested seaweed, which is practically comparable to wild fish.

The fishing industry cannot survive just selling their local fish therefore they also import from all over the world. As a result, the customers purchasing the fish at the local market are not really guaranteed about the provenience. As a client, I am always concerned about this problem, and I want to reassure my customers that Algaran seaweed is exclusively from Donegal and always the freshest and cleanest on the market.