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Irish Dulse Seaweed

Dulse seaweed (also known with its Irish name Dillisk) is one of the most requested seaweed species.

Organic Irish Dulse seaweed

Its Latin name is Palmaria palmata, while the familiar name Dulse derives from the Latin word “dulcis”, which means “sweet”.

When you chew a leaf of dulse, the first taste you get is quite fishy and salty, but if you keep chewing, you get the sweetness, which makes it kind of addictive.

Dulse seaweed is known in Ireland and all the countries along the Atlantic coast for centuries. It was gently dried at the air and eaten as a snack.

It is incredibly nutritious and traditionally known to give energy and detoxify the body.

Dulse seaweed contains a specific fibre, called Xylan, which is not digestible by the human digestive tract. It is not deactivated by the stomach acids and keeps its original form while passing through the intestine, adsorbing in this way all the toxins, cleaning all its way out from the body.

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Dulse seaweed is only growing in the Atlantic Ocean waters, therefore it was unknown in Asia until recent years, when it was introduced to the overseas markets as “vegetarian bacon”.
In effect, it has a bacon-like taste, especially if it has been smoked.

Unfortunately, Dulse seaweed is not growing in abundance and the attempt to farm it (onshore or in open seawater) have not been remarkably successful so far. It is therefore considered a precious speciality ingredient for intenders.

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