Organic Hazelnuts with Irish Moss and Coconut Sugar 75g



Ingredients: Organic roasted hazenuts, Organic coconut’s flower sugar (gulamerah), Irish moss (freshly made by Algaran from seaweed Chondrus crispus),

This snack is delicious and addictive! It doesn’t taste of seaweed, still it contains 5% of Irish Moss.


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Organic Hazelnuts

Some More Information 

Algaran Organic Hazelnuts are a Crunchy delicious snack, full of minerals and vitamins, tasting like chocolate and not so high in calories (ca. 440 Kcal per 100 g).

Coconut Sugar is rich in Potassium and Zinc and is very low in Glucose and Fructose.

Irish Moss is a binding ingredient, full of nutrients.

Now A Bit Of Legend
In some epic Irish Legends, the Hazel Tree is described as sacred, as it grows spontaneously nearby Holy Wells.
The Legend is not very far from the truth, as Hazel trees need fresh and pure water to grow.
By the ancient population of the Stone Age, and by the Celts, a land covered with Hazel Trees would indicate the presence of an underground stream of fresh water and streams flow along magnetic energy lines (Lay lines) which were used as a sort of invisible map to follow.
Proof of this theory is the fact that the first inhabited regions in Ireland, for example, the Burren region in Co. Clare, were and still are covered by Hazel Trees.
Hazel shafts are still traditionally used for water divining, and in Celtic folklore, hazelnuts represented wisdom and poetic inspiration.


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Cinnamon, Cocoa, Lemon zest, Original taste