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Organic Seaweed Creams

Seaweed cream is a type of cosmetic preparation used for different purposes.

Generally, the seaweed cream main ingredient is distilled or demineralized water, to which are added oils and waxes previously melted at mild temperature. The mix is then emulsified, and the yellowish colour of the oils will react at the mixing speed and turn in to a white light colour cream.

The seaweed extract is added just before the mix is getting emulsified, avoiding being exposed to temperature above 30 Degrees Celsius.

The look of the seaweed cream is much like other creams; however, the texture is light at the touch and melts in the skin at your gentle massage. The high-performance of the cosmetic preparation start being evident after a few hours from the application, when the skin has adsorbed the cream totally and is now dried and amazingly soft.

There are three different type of Organic Seaweed Creams made by Algaran:

Moisturizing Seaweed Day Face Cream, suitable in cold weather days, when skin might be attacked by winds or frozen, as well as in hot days, when sweat might modify the surface of the skin lowering the pH to a corrosive acidic limit.

Nourishing Seaweed Night Face Cream, slightly lighter at the touch and easily adsorbed by the skin, without causing obstruction of the pores and therefore allowing the transpiration throughout the night. In the morning, when the skin is cleaned with Algaran Seaweed Lotion or lukewarm water and soft Algaran soap, the result will be amazing. The application of Seaweed Night Cream is not needed more than twice a week in the summertime.

Moisturizing Seaweed Hand Cream, suitable for all type of skin, can help rehydrating the most damaged skin.