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Seaweed online has the advantage that it has been freshly dried and is full of active nutrients.

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Some seaweed compounds, like minerals, have an extended shelf life, while the life of the active principle Fucoidan (Polysaccharide sulfate) lasts 24 months. Vitamins and antioxidants slowly degrade, so, the fresher they are the better is.

AlgAran does not import seaweed from foreign countries, and for that reason we might run out of stock. It can be annoying, sometimes, when your favourite seaweed is not available, but it means that whatever product is online is freshly processed and of the highest quality.

Online Shopping for Seaweed Products

The online market for seaweed is getting more and more crowded as the recent pandemic restrictions changed people’s general behaviour. Those who preferred visiting a shop rather than navigating on the Internet, are now feeling safer to order online.

The buyers’ right is fully protected, and the only side effect is that you pay for your order and see it only after a few days.

However, orders of seaweed online can easily be refunded if the buyers are not satisfied.

The world is changing in many ways and the online shopping is not the only behaviour that people will have to adopt more often. Also, purchasing directly from the producers, is helping local and small businesses to survive better by being able to sell at competitive prices with a fair share of profits.

Seaweed in Ireland cannot be as cheap as in Asia or Africa. In hot countries, seaweed can be dried at the sunshine and the air, while in this part of the world we need to use electricity to create warm air or to use dehumidifiers. For this reason, our prices remain at higher levels. Having no intermediation and because customers are now buying more online will certainly help us.

Seaweed is one of the first way of life on the planet and it contains all the most important nutrients for a healthy diet.

Edible seaweed has been commonly consumed in Ireland for centuries. They are even mentioned in the sixth century Monks books and Old Legends describe “magic” plants growing under water able to heal and make people live longer.

Mixing seaweed to the soil can recreate the structure balance of the fields, especially after they have been impoverished by chemical fertilizers.

Based on the same principle, seaweed can help our body to detoxify and re-energize, especially after some type of illnesses and periods of stress.

The most important seaweed active principles are Polysaccharides sulphate (Fucoidan) and antioxidants. The active principles are bound to the other seaweed components and researchers have not found out, yet which combinations are particularly active to prevent diseases, however, more and more doctors suggest their patients to intake this precious marine plants at least as a food supplement.

Seaweed composition can include hundreds of different nutrients, depending on species, but the most important compounds can only be active for two years and Vitamins need special conditions to preserve. For this reason, it is recommended to choose the seaweed suppliers carefully, as freshness can make the whole difference in quality and efficacy.

Edible seaweed in Ireland are picked fresh and wild from the shore. Irish seaweeds are not available in huge quantities and therefore they cannot compete in price, but they have the best nutritional value.

Now you can buy seaweed online, especially organic seaweed and organic seaweed products.

Buy on line to get the best seaweed and to support small Irish seaweed companies.

Buy Seaweed Online