Irish Organic Seaweed Products for Health and Beauty from Algaran, Co. Donegal, Ireland - Certified Organic by Organic Trust Ltd Licence No.778

Su Arann Seaweed & Berries Concentrate

200ml Glass bottles

Blue Label (Blue / Black berries) Red Label (mix of Red berries)Violet Label (mix of Black and Red berries)

Concentrated Juice with different types of Berries, Herbs, Spices
And Freshly Harvested Seaweed from the Aran Islands


Processing Method and Shelf Life

Our Ultrasonic system allows us to avoid the addition of solvents and/or the use of high Temperatures that would be necessary to obtain the extraction of the Active Principles and Nutrients, which are tenaciously preserved in the indestructible structure of Seaweed cells.

Our technology has been developed in our laboratories, to achieve the maximum extraction from any type of ingredient.

The processing temperature doesn't exceed 36° C for a few minutes, to which follows the pasteurization of the sealed bottles.

The Shelf life of the product is 9 months from the production date.

Storage: Bottles can be stored at room temperature, but once opened, they must be kept in the Refrigerator and should be consumed within 30 days.

Use: Sú Árann (from Gaelic "Juice of Aran"), can be consumed as such, as a vitamin supplement and food mineral, but, given the high content of iodine, it should be diluted 1:4 in other drinks, both cold and hot. Its versatility can extend to Ingredient for Cocktails, Ice Creams and other types dessert.

Sú Árann contains the following herbs fruits and berries (in alphabetical order): Read more about health benefits and contents:Sú Árann Technical Data

200ml Glass bottles

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