Eating Seaweed

Seaweed Food category is including different types of Food preparations, including savoury dishes and desserts, in which Seaweed or Seaweed extracts are just one of the ingredients.

Eating seaweed might be difficult for people who are not familiar with them. In a way, it is just a matter of trying eating seaweed (starting from a mild flavour one, like Irish Wakame) and getting used to its slightly different taste.

If you consider that the amount to be used per person / per day is only a few grams, Edible seaweed can be compared to some other more common herbs or spices and if added to the recipe as one of the first ingredients, so that it melts totally while cooking, you can be reassured that it is very difficult to detect, it doesn’t change the taste, on the contrary, it enhances the flavour gently and pleasantly.

There are some Countries which coasts are lapped by the Atlantic Ocean, where tourists can taste seaweed food not being aware that they have been eating seaweed.

Sometimes, it is just a set of minds, a bit like children do. So, people can get used to, if they are willing to do so.

World agriculture will soon be insufficient to feed the planet population, so we might have to start accepting that seaweed is a precious and delicious sea plant, able to add nutrients to the food, even if used in small amounts.

The day that Irish seaweed will be more popular and requested all over the world, there will be much less slimy seaweed waste on the beaches as a result, as coast population will start foraging seaweed to store in their own kitchen.