Algaran Organic Vegan Kelp Supplements (70 days)



Ascophyllum Kelp Supplement with high content in Iodine and Fucoidan.

Algaran produces 3 types of supplements:

Ascophyllum Kelp, high in Iodine and Fucoidan. Ascophyllum Kelp plus Carragheen, high in Iodine and active principles. Ascophyllum Kelp plus Calcified seaweed, with an extra beneficial effect on hair.

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Organic Seaweed Food Supplement 
Latin name: Ascophyllum nodosum Kelp

Rich in minerals, vitamins, and trace elements, Ascophyllum also contains Fucoidan, which is its major Active principle.

One cps a day is all you need to help your system’s health.

70 cps Miron Glass Bottle


Additional information

Weight 0.090 kg
Kelp Seaweed

Kelp & Calcified Seaweed, Kelp & Carragheen Seaweed, Kelp Seaweed