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Organic Seaweed Sea Spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) 40g

Organic Seaweed Sea Spaghetti (Himanthalia elongata) 40g


Organic Irish Sea Spaghetti is High in vitamins, minerals and tannins, and it is highly recommended in healthy diets.

Young crops of Sea spaghetti are very thin and tender and may be eaten straight from the packet.



Algaran Organic Irish Sea Spaghetti

Latin name: Himanthalia elongata.

Packaging: 40g Kraft Paper bag

The harvesting season is Late Spring to Summer.

The Organic Irish Sea Spaghetti is rich in minerals, vitamins, and other valuable compounds like Tannins, which are of great help for blood circulation.

More information here below:

Algaran Organic Irish Sea Spaghetti is a versatile food ingredient that has a slightly marine taste before cooking it.

How much Sea Spaghetti should you eat to get all the benefits?

Consider that just 2 to 5 grams per person per day can give all the beneficial effects to the body, and such a small dosage can be almost impossible to detect by people who are difficult to please with food.

How do we Harvest and Process our seaweed?

We are aware that over-harvesting can be unsustainable for the marine environment. For this reason, we are not supplying bulk quantities.
Our seaweed drying system can be more efficient if we can keep the amount per tray light and well distributed.

Can we sell Bulk quantities? 

We tend to stock a limited amount of seaweed to provide the best possible quality all the time.

We also pack our seaweed products at the orders, to guarantee freshness and nutritional value.

Why should you buy only freshly processed seaweed?

One of the most important seaweed components is Fucoidan. The drying process is not enough to preserve the efficacy of Fucoidan which totally fades away in 24 months.
In order to avoid this problem, we use only fresh seaweed that we dehydrate within a few hours from harvest.

We regularly test our seaweed for Heavy metals like Arsenic, Salt and Iodine to conform to the highest quality standards.

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