Algaran Seaveg Organic Irish Sea Spirulina



Spirulina seaweed is high in vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll, this seaweed is highly recommended in healthy diets. The best way to use it is the following: rinse the wished amount
of seaweed in fresh water, then add it as ingredient to sauces, stews and soups. It can also be consumed raw, chopped and add to salad dishes.

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Organic Sea Spirulina
Latin name: Ulva Lactuca spiralis

Season of Harvesting: Late Spring to Summer.

With high Calcium levels and a broad range of trace elements and vitamins.
Bright green and tasty seaweed.

It can be cooked as an ingredient with omelettes, breads or home- made pasta.

Instructions for use: Rinse the seaweed in abundant fresh water. Chop it and add to your food, even as a last ingredient, a bit like parsley.

Some of our customers reported increased energy levels after regularly eating small quantities of our Sea Spirulina. Try it!

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